Girl Says Yes

"The whole life of a man is but a point in time. Let us enjoy it."

#1 thing ppl do not tell u when u get debilitating illness such as the flu:

not moving for 3 days straight makes yr back hurt like a mofo + you can’t do anything about it plz help

Julie Alpert’s gorgeous paper works. Gotta save up for one of these.

Poli├ža - “Lay Your Cards Out”

Yeasayer - Glass of a Microscope

Just bought my tickets to see Typhoon again in January. Such a fantastic live show.

going “out” for (pretty much) the first time since i moved here and of course it is 18 degrees like hello gr8 planning┬á

…but it’s ok because thankfully this season’s most coveted statement piece is none other than the alcohol sweater and that is right well with me

the new physics album is REALLY good. all i’m saying, keep your ears perked come december 13 y’all…

this ep is really wonderful - was pleased to see these guys still making new music

heard on kexp the other day and now i just want to dance