Girl Says Yes

"The whole life of a man is but a point in time. Let us enjoy it."

have been waiting for this since last year. lives up to expectations for sure.

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worth a listen to the whole album, probably one of my favorites right now

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#1 thing ppl do not tell u when u get debilitating illness such as the flu:

not moving for 3 days straight makes yr back hurt like a mofo + you can’t do anything about it plz help

Julie Alpert’s gorgeous paper works. Gotta save up for one of these.

Poli├ža - “Lay Your Cards Out”

Yeasayer - Glass of a Microscope

Just bought my tickets to see Typhoon again in January. Such a fantastic live show.

going “out” for (pretty much) the first time since i moved here and of course it is 18 degrees like hello gr8 planning┬á

…but it’s ok because thankfully this season’s most coveted statement piece is none other than the alcohol sweater and that is right well with me